Living Space that Fits.

Go ahead. Dare to dream about what you can do with a second, smaller home – right at home. As life changes, so does your need for living space. That’s why each of our coach home models are designed to fit perfectly – on your property and into your life!

The time is right in Ottawa and we’ve made it easier than ever to buy and customize a coach home to suit your exact needs. Our 3 production models have been designed to be fully accessible in order to suit your lifestyle.  You can check out some of the incredible companies we work with in order to service you as efficiently as possible.

Explore the Possibilities.
Discover the Opportunities.

Imagine what a coach home can do for you. Whether your focus is on keeping family close, or creating rental income, we can help you transform available property into fabulous, functional living space. Each of our fresh, barrier-free designs offer remarkable living space efficiency. Here are some of the many ways people are able to use coach homes to achieve their goals:

Your timing couldn’t be better to get a Coach Home

In fact, the construction of Coach Homes is now encouraged in most Ontario cities, including Ottawa. Coach Homes are viewed as an aesthetically pleasing way to create more low impact, affordable housing, especially in low density neighbourhoods. It gives families way more flexibility and opens up a whole new world of opportunity for homeowners.

We’ve come up with a way to install your Coach Home efficiently and without all the mess and disruption of other renovation projects. Coach Homes are our specialty and we take pride in managing every aspect of the project for you. Here are some other great reasons to get one of our Coach Homes: