Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Coach Home?

Coach Homes, also known as micro homes, carriage houses and Fonzie suites, are smaller dwellings built on the property of a larger home. Unlike a temporary unit such as a garden suite or ‘granny flat,’ Coach Homes are considered permanent and have a foundation system. Coach homes have water, electrical service and gas, and are connected to a sewage or septic system. They must conform fully with the Ontario Building Code.

Are Coach Homes permitted where I live?

The construction of Coach Homes is welcome in Ontario now that the province has made a commitment to the 2011 Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing act. The idea is to encourage municipalities to adjust zoning bylaws to allow for secondary dwellings on lots, particularly around detached houses and duplexes. Coach Homes are perfect for that because they don’t require additional driveways or sidewalks, and they encourage a mix of ages and income levels.

Is my property a good fit for a Coach Home?

Coach Homes are designed to fit on urban and suburban lots as well as in rural areas. They can be in the back yard, a side or corner yard, or even facing a rear laneway. A Coach Home may not be suitable for smaller backyards or townhouse properties.

Are Coach Homes suitable for seniors?

Yes. With some thought put into the design, Coach Homes are ideal for retirement living. We offer three unique models built from the ground up, and custom designed models for seniors to keep them healthy and supported.

Can I earn rental income from my Coach Home?

Yes. The sky’s the limit for what you can do with your Coach Home. Some people get one so they can downsize and rent out the larger house for income purposes. A Coach Home is an appealing option for homeowners interested in saving for retirement or paying off their mortgage quickly. It’s also a comfortable living option for students and extended family.

Are there any rules around location and privacy?

Every municipality has zoning bylaws that spell out setback provisions and whether the construction of additional buildings is allowed. The new dwellings can’t be intrusive or change the character of the original home.

Why should I choose Coach Homes of Ottawa?

While Coach Homes are a welcome addition to the Ottawa housing landscape, their construction still comes with many restrictions. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced, insured team, and not unqualified contractors. Our Coach Homes are designed to enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Can I change something on my Coach Home?

Coach Home production model purchases are limited to a choice of 4 interior and 4 exterior colours at no additional cost. Unlimited customizations are available at an additional cost for people who purchase a custom Coach Home.

How long will it take to get a Coach Home?

We strive to deliver Coach Homes in an efficient, non-disruptive manner. This is still dependent on factors such as weather and underground issues relating to foundation. Custom units are built on site and usually take 10 to 12 weeks.

What is the warranty of a Coach Home?

We provide full lifetime warranty and maintenance for Coach Home leases. Custom Coach Homes that are purchased come with a full two year warranty on the complete unit, and five year warranty on supplied manufactured components (see the warranty section of the contract for a complete list of items).

Do you care about the environment?

Every Coach Home is engineered to be as energy efficient as possible, and to meet or exceed government standards in that regard. In addition, we are environmentally sensitive about how we build and the building products we use.

Where can I see a Coach Home?

Contact us to arrange a viewing!