From start to finish, we manage the installation of your Coach Home every step of the way. The pre-planning generally takes between 4 and 8 weeks. To limit the amount of disruption on your property, we endeavour to limit on-site as much as possible.


  • Preliminary review and site suitability assessment
  • Customer consultation, model review, colour choices, additional personalization

Planning & Engineering

  • City of Ottawa zoning requirements review
  • Hydro service assessment
  • Site survey and geotechnical investigation
  • Site and grade plan development
  • Ontario Building Code requirements review
  • P. Eng. Structural Review
  • City of Ottawa permit application and issuance
  • Septic system design review (if necessary)

Product Manufacturing

  • On-site construction
  • Site supervision and monitoring
  • Optional customization

Site Preparation, Delivery & Placement

  • Foundation system installation
  • Install service line connections and inspections (hydro, gas, water and sanitary)
  • Connections on the above service lines (hydro, gas, water and sanitary)
  • Perimeter skirting and close in
  • Grading and landscaping around site
  • Installation of 48” wide access walkway
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