Stay Healthy and Supported with Our “Celebration” Service Providers

Independent living doesn’t get better than this! Stay close, but not dependent on family. Our service providers deliver a host of important services directly to you. Here’s some of trusted providers:

Care Management

The support of a highly experienced RN from Nurse On Board brings together home care, primary health care, and acute care under a single coordinating Care Manager. They provide regular assessments and offer one single point of contact to organize and optimize senior’s services, ensuring good communication and consistency of care between different providers. This brings peace of mind to clients and their families, while supporting seniors to live in their Coach homes for as long as possible.


Heart to Home Meals has over 200 frozen meals, soups and desserts to choose from as well as products for special dietary needs. Each is designed by a chef and dietitian, and as a result their clients get great flavour and necessary nutrition. They provide a diverse range of meals to meet the needs of low fat, low calorie, low sodium and texture modified diets – all designed with seniors in mind. All clients have to do is select the meals, place an order and their friendly drivers will deliver them directly to the Coach home and place them in the freezer


Personal support workers (PSWs) are the frontline in home health care, and provide important help to seniors who generally need support with hygiene, housekeeping, laundry or simply companionship. These are our Providers:

Assurance Home Care is Ottawa’s boutique in-home care company, focused on high-end senior care services. Delivered in a caring and professional way by their carefully selected team, Assurance employs individuals who are passionate about what they do, and who understand and respect the desire for independence while working closely with family members.

In today’s busy world, families and employers are often stretched to the limit. That’s where GEM Health Care Services can come to the rescue. Their proven business model is based on providing dedicated, compassionate caregivers with a variety of sought-after, specialized skills and training to fill individual, and community needs in many different settings. GEM’s emphasis continues to be on the provision of health care staff for private duty nursing, home care services, and palliative care services, all in the client’s home.

Home Instead Senior Care provides trustworthy, kindhearted, senior home care services in a loved one’s home. All caregivers are thoroughly screened, extensively trained, professional, and reliable. They provide dependable, compassionate care at all levels, including specialty care for those with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. And should thoughts turn toward end of life care, their hospice support services promote peace of mind. At Home Instead, it’s about providing the highest-quality home care services to meet a family’s unique needs.


MapleCare Physiotherapy is one of the leading providers of physiotherapy services in the Ottawa region, ensuring professional and quality care. Physiotherapy is important in helping seniors to retain their independence, whether they are managing a long-term illness or simply wishing to maintain an active lifestyle. Through customized care, MapleCare Physiotherapy provides client specific exercise programs and pain management treatment plans to improve functionality and increase mobility.

Foot care

Soft Soles is a nurse-led organization, using best practice guidelines that includes individually packaged, one-time use sterile tools. Foot care is an essential part of preventative health care, keeping patients mobile and comfortable. There are a number of conditions that are more prevalent among the elderly, including diabetic ulcers, ingrown nails, fungus, arthritis, corns and calluses. When aging adults can no longer take care of their own feet, the nurses of Soft Soles will help mitigate foot problems, helping to keep seniors healthy and active.

Dental Hygiene

Rural Roots Dental Hygiene provides professional mobile dental hygiene services to a wide range of clients in Eastern Ontario. Regular visits with a dental hygienist are imperative as they have the skills, knowledge, and judgement to detect oral issues early on. That’s also important for seniors who wear dentures as they continue to need regular professional dental care. Rural Roots will help to develop a daily oral care plan to ensure optimal oral health which helps to prevent more serious illnesses.

Transition Stage

Your good health and nutrition matters right now!. That’s why we work with our trusted team of providers to give you the services you need, when you need them in an “a la carte” type setting. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

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