It Really is Retirement, Reimagined.

Coach Homes of Ottawa is proud to introduce the “Celebration” series – 3 new models that are designed from the ground up for independent living. We’ve developed a cost-effective, worry-free alternative to living in a retirement residence or burdening loved ones in the family home.

Our compact, self-contained coach homes are the size of a small condo, and they’re designed to fit into a family member’s yard.

What’s to celebrate?

  • Each model is designed for safety and accessibility, guided by experts.
  • Substantial savings when compared to retirement residences.
  • Stay healthy and supported with essential services that include nurse care management, homecare, physiotherapy, foot care, dental hygiene, and a nutritious meal every day.
  • We handle permits, construction, installation, maintenance and removal.
  • Customization options available to further personalize your coach home.
  • Perfect for active seniors and for those with mobility challenges or declining health.
  • The ideal way to stay connected to family and remain a part of your community.

You Deserve It!

The best solution for retirement could be hiding in your own backyard! It truly is a paradigm shift in thinking when it comes to retirement living. A Celebration series coach home will allow you to live with dignity, independence and loving care when you need it most.