What You Can Do

What can you do with a Coach Home? Put it to work for you. It’s like having a condo that you can share, rent or keep for yourself as extra living space.

Here are some of the ways people can use a Coach Home:

Keeping Family Close

A coach home is ideal for extended family. Live nearby, but independently in a condominium sized unit designed for comfort. Every model is built with all the amenities for daily living. Our coach homes are a game changer for families choosing to live with adult children at home, or in harmony with parents and grandparents.


Retirement Living

We’re changing the retirement living landscape! Why live alone in a retirement residence when you can live next door to family for less, and still enjoy your independence? Our Celebration series of coach homes are built from the ground up with safety and accessibility in mind. There’s even a built-in package of services designed to ensure you stay healthy and independent. Homeowners can rest assured the units are fully removable.

Rental Income

Strike gold in your own backyard. Create another income stream with a second home that you can rent out on your own property. Whether it’s student housing or a year-round Airbnb destination, a coach home offers an affordable way to generate revenue without having to drive across town.


Home Based Business

Unleash your inner entrepreneur with instant office space, and never commute to work. A coach home is the perfect place to have a home office, away from the noise and without having to be right inside the family home.

Add a little home to your house.

Find out how easy it can be to get your own coach home!